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About Us

Empowering Smoother Routines: From Personal Experience to Revolutionary Solutions. Learn more about the MEGGI family on our journey to simplify daily challenges.


From Concept to Innovation:
Explore the Story Behind MEGGI.

Driven by our personal experiences as neurodivergent mothers, we recognised the need for more efficient solutions to daily packing challenges, from nappy-bag essentials, daycare drop offs, school pickups, work bags and much more!  After two years of dedicated research and development, MEGGI introduced the first of its kind, our revolutionary and innovative Smart Tags. Our passion lies in simplifying seemingly simple tasks often complicated by executive functioning challenges. Whether you’re a busy parent juggling multiple responsibilities or navigating ADHD and/or Autism, our tag offers tangible support for smoother routines!  Join us in the MEGGI family as we continue our journey, empowering others to benefit from our innovative approach.

Our Mission

Our mission is to revolutionise daily routines through a seamlessly integrated physical tool. By simplifying tasks like bag packing with a quick phone tap, we aim to elevate daily experiences. We’re dedicated to fostering independence, inclusion, and embracing neurodiversity, envisioning a world where differences are celebrated.

Our Vision

At MEGGI, we’re tackling the packing challenges faced by individuals, families, and organisations. Our innovative solution utilises visual NFC tags to streamline the process: users can effortlessly access their packing list by tapping their phone on a MEGGI Smart Tag. Our approach directly confronts a common issue uncovered through our research: the tendency for individuals to forget items, struggle with list accessibility, and grapple with cognitive overload and executive functioning challenges.