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Introducing our innovative Smart Tags.


The only digital checklist you need


Instant, Effortless Organisation

One tap, no set up

With a quick tap of your phone on your MEGGI Smart Tag, your digital checklist is instantly accessible. Add items effortlessly and you’re ready to go!

Your list, your way

MEGGI offers customisable checklists tailored to your preferences. Presently, we provide regular and days-of-the-week list views. Stay tuned for more options coming soon!

It's simple - tap & tick

Revolutionise your packing routine, seamlessly integrate your Smart Tag to create the ultimate digital checklist. Managing your items is effortless, ensuring you have everything you need with just a tap!


Your list, your way



Our Regular List view features a straightforward list format with checkboxes. Stay tuned for updates as we introduce the option of easily reordering items through drag-and-drop functionality.


Days of the Week

The Days of the Week view enables you to organise items according to each day, ideal for managing children's school bags and coordinating weekly schedules effortlessly.

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Coming Soon...

1. Icons & Text
2. Large, medium & small tiles
3. Categories
4. Multiple lists per MEGGI tag
5. Pictures only


Frequently Asked Questions​

A MEGGI Smart Tag is a compact, NFC-enabled device designed to streamline organisation and simplify packing routines. By tapping your tag with your smartphone, you get instant access to your customised digital checklist tailored to your needs, whether for personal, professional, or organisational purposes. It’s a convenient tool that enhances efficiency and ensures nothing important gets left behind.

Absolutely! Our MEGGI Smart Tags seamlessly function across multiple devices, displaying the digital checklist effortlessly. For editing capabilities, you can simply add or delete items from the digital list page.

Every MEGGI Smart Tag can be configured with one digital checklist. Optimise your packing experience by exploring and purchasing one of our bundles, offering multiple Smart Tags tailored to various packing needs!

Effortlessly configure and manage your digital checklist with just a tap, no login needed. Our MEGGI Smart Tags are user-friendly, providing a simple ‘set up and go’ system for anyone to use. Share your tag with loved ones to streamline collaboration on packing tasks and lists effortlessly!

You don’t need to download an app to utilise our MEGGI Smart Tags. They only require an internet browser on your smartphone to set up and access your digital list effortlessly and efficiently.

No login is necessary to edit your tag. Simply tap your Smart Tag with your smartphone to instantly set up, access, and edit your digital checklist whenever necessary.

MEGGI Smart Tags are fully compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Whether you have an Android smartphone or an Apple iOS iPhone, you can easily use your Smart Tag to streamline your packing and organisation tasks. Our goal is to ensure seamless functionality across all major mobile platforms, providing convenience to all users regardless of their device preference.

The dimensions of our MEGGI Smart Tags mirror those of a standard credit card, offering compact portability. Each tag is equipped with a clear luggage loop, enabling effortless attachment to your preferred bag or item.


Hear Their Stories, Feel Their Impact

"MEGGI has changed my life. Before MEGGI I’d forget things daily, costing me money in having to re-buy things, now it’s so easy to use that it’s impossible to forget things. The interface is so easy to use and once your list is set up, when you tap your phone it’s there on your screen. I’d highly recommend this to anyone that struggles to remember things!"
Zoe - SA
Busy Mum
"All I need to do is tap my phone against my MEGGI tag and it will come up with a list of everything I need to pack. If you're an organisational junkie or a little bit forgetful, these tags are your new best friend. You can use these tags for anything, your gym bags, travelling bags, backpacking bags, beach bags and even your baby or children school bag."
Sum - QLD
Busy Athlete